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Now ANYONE Can Start Building Amazing Outdoor Sheds The Faster and Easier Way With our *Step-By-Step* Easy-To-Follow Plans With Detailed Illustrations!

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You see…

…I’m about to reveal some EMBARRASSING secrets woodworking publishers don’t want YOU to know.

I’ve been exactly where you are.

I bought a shed plan… started to follow it… got the 2×4’s, the tools, and even started cutting to size.

And then, there I was… STUCK. Screaming in my head…

If you’ve worked on any kind of project, you get exactly what I’m talking about.

Well, here’s why:

They’re written by ghostwriters who’ve never touched a piece of lumber or a chisel in their LIFE!

They could NEVER tell if a step didn’t make sense or not.

ONLY someone with EXPERIENCE, building LOTS of projects — AND teaching it to others — would have an clue of  exactly what a plan needed to include, so…

And let’s not even get into trying to “Wing it”. 

You and I are well aware how that’ll end up.

Here’s the deal: If you’re going to invest the time, money and energy in building a shed yourself…

…Then make sure the plan you’re using has EVERYTHING you need to get it done in:

•  The easiest…

•  Most inexpensive , and…

•  The fastest way possible.

Easier said than done!

Well, hang tight. I’ve gotcha covered.

To create the kind of shed, your neighbors and other woodworkers will secretly ENVY (while mumbling “nice job” under their breath)…

Views From ALL Angles

shed detailsshed details 2

Views of ALL Details
shed blueprints plansshed blueprints plansSee EXACTLY how everything should look BEFORE you build them.

Most plans don’t. 

You end up building a part of your shed that LOOKS like the drawing… but it ISN’T. 

But you missed  it because the plan didn’t show you each angle!

And the only way you find out, is at the end when you’ve wasted all that time, money and sweat… and nothing fits together.

3 Dimensional Drawings

storage shed blueprints plans

Other plans show you only 1-sided views. That is not enough.

You’ll still be wondering if you put a wondering if you put a “joint” or a “frame” together the right way because you didn’t view it in 3D.

Complete and Precise Materials and Cutting Lists

Free Shed Plans Elite Large

Most shed plans:

•  Don’t tell you everything you need…

•  Don’t tell you what a piece of material is going to be used for. (You end up with wood scattered all over your workspace)

•  Don’t give you EXACT measurements to cut your lumber.

Exact “materials and cutting lists” allow you to buy exact amounts. And also what you don’t need to buy right now.

It saves time and cuts down waste. It saves Money. Because you only buy EXACTLY what you need… and WHEN you need it.

A PERFECT shed plan will NEVER leave you guessing or scratching your head.

CAD Designed Drawings

Free Shed Plans Elite Large

CAD designed drawings show you EXACT proportions .

It’s unbelievable, but so many plans show completely WRONG dimensions.

Free Shed Plans Elite Large

Or even HAND-Drawn plans that are a joke.

Which of the two would you rather use?

comparing sheds

“Used For” Labels

Free Shed Plans Elite Large

Your materials list should show what each item is USED FOR.

Just because a PILE of 2×4’s are scattered across your backyard, doesn’t mean you’re going to use all of them right way.

Some will sit around, occupying valuable space, all the way until the last step.

And you say to yourself, “Man! I could’ve bought that separately, and had more work space this whole time?!?!? Why didn’t the plan say so!”

Step-By-Step LEGO Instructions

Free Shed Plans Elite Large

Instructions should be so simple that a kid could do it. Just like LEGO instructions.

There is a LOGICAL way to build a shed. Start with the foundation and THEN build one-step at a time.

Many other plans assume you’re experienced enough to tell what the next step is.

When instructions are THIS clear, your shed BUILDS ITSELF.

All the pieces just “Click” into place.

When the steps are “LEGO clear”, building PERFECT shed is more like putting a bunch of Lego Blocks together.

No. Wait. Not Lego… more like DUPLO blocks!

I know because I’ve taught tons of people to build stunning , inspiring and professional looking sheds, that that leave you in AWE.

Not only did I teach friends…

… I’ve taught absolute newbies , without  ANY experience at all …

…And they created the perfect shed THE VERY FIRST TIME.


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